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Divorce in California

Ending a marriage can be painful and hard, but filing divorce papers in California doesn't have to be. Although the real physical paperwork must be filed in a California court, you can complete your divorce papers online in a simple, straightforward process. You may even qualify to complete your divorce without an attorney. If you and your spouse aren't in agreement about the divorce or how to split the marital assets and care for children (if you have any), you may want to consider divorce mediation or for more complex situations, seek legal representation. This overview will help guide you through the process of acquiring and submitting online divorce papers, allowing you to proceed with confidence.

California Divorce Facts

California stopped keeping official data related to divorces in the country in the 1990s. The latest rates by state in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show California's speed to be 4.3 per 1,000 of the population in 1990, without the information after this date. Judging from figures gathered from different states as recently as 2011, California's speed is probably still somewhere in the 4-5 per 1,000, as most other states have remained fairly consistent over time.

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