The 8 brand of mineral water that is spreading hepatitis, the government has named

In the Federal Capital, the contents of eight brands of mineral water found hepatitis C and the same water is being offered to the houses.

According to the English journal ‘Pakistan Caste’, the Food Departments of Islamabad collected 15 mineral water samples, according to the English journal ‘Pakistan Toddie’ and collected Samalqumi Institute of Health to examine their quality. The results of these tests have shifted poor quality, eight mineral Water brands are not only giving dirty water, but they are also responsible for spreading hepatitis C in the capital. These mineral water companies include Deep Spring, Nector, Hydro 8, Berne, Mulan, Elvina, Acqueton and Maple Plus, a large number of germs in the water of these brands.

According to the National Health Organization report, cell bottles of various brands of water were opened in laboratory in the presence of specialists and they examined them in a very professional manner, and these waters were declared fit for human health. I was from Colifform Level 50 to 240 .The psychiatrist Dr Abdul Majid said in a statement that if there is more than any coliفارum level zero in any water, it is a serious threat to human health. He says that hepatitis C, Tyroro, and especially it Drinking water can also be caused by someone’s death, not only according to the standards, this water is only available Also noteworthy is the fact that even here it is a threat to human health Islamabad and Rawalpindi and working tqryba200rjstrdugyrrjstrd water brands are present in older homes and basements.

Interestingly, when the newspaper approached a few relevant brands to stand, they refused to accept the results and scientific evidence and Hydro 8 project manager said that we will challenge the results in the court because our market has a name. ‘.

On hearing the petition filed by bottle water companies, the Islamabad High Court Chief Justice, Allah Allah legalized the action against the brands mentioned by the Islamabad Food Authority. The relevant companies have the option of collecting food samples of food authority. Challenging in the court, the adoption of the court adopted that the Food Authority has no legal authority to raid food companies in the 1960s. We are the Deputy Director’s Deputy Director, told the court that according to law, samples are taking action. The court rejected the request and legal action measures by dismissing the petition.

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