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Dr. Mamoon Rashid
If a body part of the body is damaged, due to some reason, or causing injury to any injury, it is possible to fix it through plastic surgery, and it can make the body even more beautiful than ever. There are useful information about plastic surgery in the form of problems in the niche:
(C) When we take plastic surgery names, the first question comes to mind what it is related to plastic.

With the introduction of this sector, tell me why it has been given this name?
(C) This is the branch of this surgery sector, which is related to correcting the face of the face or body of other body.
This may be disturbing, due to injury or injury caused by cancer, it can also be caused by any body’s discharge. The plastic surgery is different from other surgery, because the body Is not limited to any particular episode, but covers the whole body or its maximum parts.

As far as its name is concerned, the Greek word “platinum cose” (PLASTIKOS) is derived from the word “plastikos”, which means to mold or shape something. In this surgery that the asymmetric part (RESHAPE) is given This is why it is called plastic surgery.
(C) What are the types of plastic surgery and what is the difference between?
In part of surgical surgery, the part of the body is broken or completely eliminated. In other words it can be said that a simple thing is to be used in a normal shape. In contrast, one of the zebacetic surgery is one Try to make the normal part more and better.
(S) What effect do they have on personality?
(C) If surgery is under any requirement, then it is obvious that it meets this requirement, so it is a beneficial thing.
It has a positive effect on human life and health .The drug does not have any relation with the general health of the patient surgery, but also wants to improve the body part of its body more easily. In other surgery we also have the health of the patient. It is very cautious enough to cure it, so that we can harm it by making it very well .Christ patient should be diagnosed with caution and complete surgical surgery is no harm.

(S) Do patients get the same after surgery, as they thought?
(C) In many cases the wishes and expectations of the patient are not real, so that it can be followed by a complete inspection, to fully cure it with the positive and negative effects of the surgery and well-being about the results. It is now being raised that the trend of lIPOSUCTION is increasing in total.
The amount of fat in its advertisements is seen coming out of the body. The patient feels that after this surgery they will completely become slim, although it is not possible even though .If more than a certain amount of fat The patient can get intoxicated from the body, so the doctor and patient must agree with the oxygen surgery.
The patient should be well aware of what his expectations are? What is possible in this regard and what is not possible, or later he will be unsatisfactory.
(C) lip suction is made of body parts?
(C) “lip” means to stretch the meaning of fat and “suction.” In this operation the spoiled fat is erased .This technique is removed from the top of the abdominal and lower parts, waist sides, thighs, arms, Used on waist and armpit.
There is no age imprisonment for him and this is for all those who do not get rid of spare fat despite caution and exercise. Exercise is a car to eliminate external fat, but they are good in those people. Do not give results, whose feet on the forehead have been grounded. This is useful for many people.
(C) Should it be done in zirishi plastic surgery?
(C) The presence of anything that is hurting you on the body may be plastic surgery to remove it if you do not think it is normal.
If something is causing your face or physical structure to be slanderable and it can be improved without any harm, I do not have any surgery to think of it.
(C) How can it be reversed if any part of the body is over or damaged?
(C) In this regard, it should be seen which part of the body. For example, breast cancer is removed in case of breast cancer, which can be reused through plastic surgery.
New breast is made by taking skin and fat from different parts of the body and it is a lot of work and work, but in some cases artificial breast is also applied. Body after body and neck removal These parts are reproduced by taking material from other parts of the body .For instance, if a person has a jaw, then a piece of leg bone is made to make a new jaw.
Artificial breast can be applied, when all other organs are reproduced with the help of other parts of the body.
(S) How is chest lip and pepper surgery, and how well does the patient recover?
(C) The patient’s best age for chest lips and tuberculosis surgery is six months and nausea. After surgery, in the case of chopped lip, we open the wounds of wound on the fifth day, because the wound fills quickly.
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