Only one missed call can have your WhatsApp check, update now to avoid

The WhatsApp has become so popular that the majority is using it as a primary mapping application. If you also use the WhatsApp, update it, or hackers can spy your phone through a missed call only and hack it. According to the Financial Times, cyber security experts have discovered an error in the old version of the WhatsApp through which hackers can install a spyware software in a user’s phone through a missed call and get control of the phone. Can do

According to the report, mobile phones are being hacked through a ‘Spyware program’. This program has developed Israel’s secret ‘NSS Group’, which was primarily designed for spying of journalists, government-oppressed people and workers of different organizations. This spyware program is not necessary to access its phone to install someone’s phone, but it is also connected to a public WiFi phone, it can also be installed, installed by clicking on a virus type. And can be installed on a phone via a missed call on the WhatsApp. However, hackers can do this through the older versions of the WhatsApp application. The phone will save the person who has updated the app.

Once this spyware program is installed on a phone, it can turn on the camera and mic on this phone. E-mail and messages can read and locate the phone’s location. According to cyber security experts, hackers can also get full control over the user’s phone through this program. The most dangerous thing is that it installs just on the wats app through a missed call. It is also not necessary for the user to reserve the call. So to avoid this danger, update your WhatsApp application immediately.

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