Announcement of closing all services including Google Android software on Huawei mobile phones, consumers’ strongest shock

Google has suspended the Android IT company ‘Ohio’ Android License due to crackdown against Chinese technology companies by the United States, announcing it not to give all its services, including Android software. According to the news website, The Verge, sources of the matter have confirmed that Google has suspended all business with the air.

According to a Google spokesperson, “We are following the order and its reviews are being reviewed.” According to the report, the spokesperson’s order means the US Department of Commerce The recent decision in which he put ‘Entity List’ to Ohio. Companies in this list can not buy technology without US approval from U.S. companies.

Google’s spokeswoman said, “Security Protection” and “Google Play” service will continue to serve as well for the old appliances of Google Play Protocol. Therefore, current airphones of windwaves will not be affected immediately by this decision. However, new updates will not be available on these old air phones, and new services made by the airline will not be given to these services. “It is clear that after this ban from Google, the ‘Open Open Source Project’ (AO SP) is limited to use and as long as its operating system is not ready, it will have to depend on the open source Android operating system. Owing to the fact that the company has been a long time by the US President Donaldermurt and US government The pressure is facing because the US government is concerned that the device and other services of this company will spy Chinese government. Can use In the past, the Chinese government has also been blamed by the US government.

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